Organic Milk

Our motto is to deliver our consumer not only pure but organic milk too. Studies have shown that in recent years to much pesticides and chemical are being used in our farms, that the produce is taken by us and our cattle which results in indirect toxication of our biological ecosystem and which leads to life threatening disease and may also lead to cancer.
At Nandini Godhaam utmost care is being taken to feed the cattle with organic food as far as possible.
In near feature we are also planning to grow organic feed for our cows by using our self developed land for farming and using organic manure which will lead in production of 100% pure and organic milk.

Classical Music for Cows

Various authenticated researches have shown that classical music is food for our soul and has same dynamic effect on animals too, thus at Nandini Godhaam we have arrangements to play classical records of maestros like pt. Ravi Shankar, Bheemsen Joshi, Ustad Bismilla khan and other such legends. Because of this our cattle are in good mood, their yield has increased and also their life span has improved considerably.  

BioGas plant

We have incorporated 140 mc3 of bio gas plant which is far above the prescribed industry standards.
The Biogas energy produced from this plant is used for cooking food for our staff and cattle, the remaining amount of fuel is used to power our generators which again reduces our dependencies on diesel.

Power Generation

With our Biogas plant and using it to power our electric generator we produce 250 units of power daily thus we save heavily on power bills which also leads to uninterrupted power supply to our plant.

Power efficiency

Nandini Godhaam uses LED which consumes very less power thus huge on savings. LED does not uses mercury and it is good for our ecosystem as well.
In near feature we are plans to use alternative sources of energy like solar panels and wind mills thus our dependency on fuel reserves will decrease considerably.   

Profile sheet

Nandini Godhaam uses profile sheets instead of asbestos sheet for our erections, although it is little steeper initially but it helps to maintain temperature inside thus reducing on cooling or air conditioning costs.

As it is our responsibility to save our mother nature and prevent it from polluting. We at Nandini Godhaam take utmost care to go green. ,


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