Everyone needs clean atmosphere, healthy surrounding and pollution free environment with a clean bill of health. Firstly it requires healthy food which includes all we take inside our stomach, i.e. safe drinking water, pure milk, green vegetables, cereals and pulses.
We will work in phased manner:

Milk…… at its highest degree of purity

We are providing unadulterated and contamination free milk.

Pure and Organic Milk

By the end of this year we will provide fully organic cow milk. It means chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and herbicides will not be used even for growing fodder & feeds for our cows. Milk produced in our farm will be free from all type of external hormones and antibiotics.

Total Organic Food

By the mid of next year we will produce totally organic green vegetables, organic cereals & pulses along with our pure and organic milk.

Village Tourism

Besides it we work for clean and green environment. We produce electricity through our bio gas power generator plant (BPGP) which fulfills our most of energy needs. We are planning for a solar power plant also. We are bound by our words to keep the environmental balance of villages intact. Later we will develop our villages as silent tourist spots, i.e. Village Tourism. It will include a form of medical tourism and a variant of eco tourism.
Hence our concept of ‘Small Level Village Tourism’ will include the essences of Responsible Tourism, Sustainable Tourism, Green Tourism and Eco Tourism along with the fragrances of Medical Tourism, Health Tourism and Wellness Tourism. Spending some quality period of time in the clean atmosphere, healthy surroundings and pollution free environment our farms will energize your senses as well as your life.